Henrico County Public Schools currently has a blatant division between East End and West End schools racially and socioeconomically. This is due to a long history of white flight and segregation in this area. Currently, HCPS schools are inequitable, cause harm to Black students, and are lacking in inclusivity and diversity. Power is not being put in the hands of the students to improve and create a better school system for themselves and future students. We ask you to please sign this petition in support of our demands, which provide a starting point for an equitable HCPS.



-Scrap the current district plan and redistrict HCPS (specifically Hermitage, Glen Allen, Tucker, Freeman) and subsequently the elementary and middle schools that feed into these schools. Also implement a citizen review board to oversee these changes in order to create rather than diminish diversity.
-Reform the Equity Ambassadors program by holding regular meetings between all members of Equity Ambassadors in the county. Students should become Equity Ambassadors through an application as opposed to teacher recommendations.
-Create a quota of spots in specialty centers for students of different districts in order to promote a balance of West End and East End students in centers.
-Institute a uniform countywide definition of racial discrimination and a uniform procedure that defines consequences in cases of racial discrimination (a small suspension will not suffice).
-Defund HCPD, prohibit the use of pepper spray and tasers on students, and reinvest money into teachers and school resources. Same number and type of safety procedures at each school, and same resources allocated to each school for: drug searches, fire drills, hide and lock, etc.
-Pressuring the school board to continue to call for the state of Virginia to change curriculum to include comprehensive Black and POC history. Black and POC history should not be told through the white lens. 
-Creating a PTSO pool and a cap on booster funds. Additional booster funds would be distributed equitably to the PTSO pool.


 Our Petiton


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